Public Bath, Swimming Pool Filtration Equipment

 There are two types of SNF-TYPE automatic filtration machines:
 manual operated and automatic.
 There are 4 kinds of coatings for filtration tanks: epoxi-resin,
 rubber,FRP, and stainless steel.
 We use ground up ceramic grains with microscopic holes for our
 filters. These grains have a large surface area and low specific
 There are 2 kinds of hair catcher receptacles: one made from
 acrylic fiber and one made from steel.
 There are 2 kinds of filtration equipment: unit parts and
 semi-unit parts (the latter is without control board)
 Our sterilization equipment is equipped with a standard silver
 ion sterilization unit (IONIZER).

Special Features

 1) The ceramic grains have a high filtration speed and capacity,   
    and they can fit into a small area.

 2) The filter grains can be reused once they are washed with
    a little water.

 3) Since the filter grains can be used for as long as 7 to 10
    years, the maintenance fees are low.

 4) The hair capture receptacle is simple to clean and easy to

 5) You can enjoy your bath as the water flowing through the
    plumbing pipes is always clean and sanitary thanks to our
    silver ion sterilization device.

 6) Since our ceramic grains deliver a high quality filtration,
    they don't require the use of a corresponding filter aid,
    thus saving you money.

 7) All our automatic filtration units are compact, and only
    require a small area to install. They are also easy to
    install in the plumbing, which itself is easy to
    construct‥ Thanks to Thermosaver System,you can save  
    energy, labor,and time