This filtration system contains the core of Seiken's technology.

  This system automatically controls the water circulation,
  water level, heat source,backflow, temperature, and hot
  water supply of public baths and swimming pools in a highly
  efficient manner. With over 30 years of research and
  experience in this field, we have established an ideal

1) heat source control equipment
2) filtration control equipment
3) water level control equipment
4) temperature control equipment
5) sterilization control equipment
6) hot water supply control equipment
7) automatic control box

 Special Features

 1) Fuel expenses can be substantially reduced with this system.
   (Our company calculates by 40%.)

 2) The water supply costs can be reduced substantially as the
   water level and hot water supply are properly maintained.

 3) With this system, the cleaning of the pool is a “one touch ”
   operation. Anybody can do it.

 4) It's not necessary to check the system everyday since
   everything is automatically controlled.

 5) You can always enjoy a relaxing swim or bath as the water
   quality and temperature are controlled just right.

 6) Due to our hygienic silver ion sterilization device, there
   is no bacteria damage to your hair or skin.

 7) Because we make each unit of this system as small and
   compact as possible, installtion only requires a minimum
   of space.

 8) Maintenance and repair are expenses substantially reduced.