Water Processing Filtration Equipment

 There are two kinds of SNF-TYPE pure water rapid filtration
 machines: manual types and automatic types.

 We use 4 kinds of coatings for the filtration tank:epoxi-resin, 
 rubber, FRP,and stainless steel.

 Because our filter grains have multilateral bodies with
 microscopic holes in them,they have a large surface area and
 low specific gravity.
 We select these filters based on the water quality that they
 We use two kinds of filtration equipment: unit parts and
 semi-unit parts (without boiler and control board).

Special Features
 1) Our ceramic grain filters are speedy and efficient and only
   require a small space.

 2) Our filter grains can be reused again with a simple  
   backwater washing from the tank.

 3) Our filter grains can be used from 7 to 10 years and     
   therefore save you money and keep maintenance to
   a minimum. Their replacement time depends on the water
   processinge quipment being used and the water quality
   of the system.

 4) While removing such things as iron, manganese, and          
   SS(impurities), our filter grains maintain a clear           
   and stable filtration.

 5) As all our automatic type filtration units are compact,           
   their installment is simple. The plumbing construction           
   is also simple. With Aquasaver you can have a fully          
   automatic labor and energy saving system.