Silver Ion Sterilization Device

The inorganic quality of silver ions sterilizes public bath
water, swimming pool water, well water, etc.
Silver ions are absolutely safe and water that use them do
not require the added use of sterilization chemicals.
This device is also very simple to install.

Special Features

 1) It thoroughly sterilizes against O-157 Escherichia coli
   bacteria, Legionnaire's disease, Mycobacterium bacteria
   (a tuberculosis bacteria common amongst elderly), MRSA
   (methicillion resistant staphylococcus aureus) and other
   general diseases.

 2) Since the silver ion generators are compact,they are easily
   installed in the plumbing and filtration machine.

 3) The silver ion power supply unit is small and lightweight
   and can be installed anywhere, including inside the
   control board.

 4) This sterilization device is safe and gentle on the human
   body.It leaves absolutely no residual smell,taste,or skin
   irritation like other chloric chemicals do.

 5) It does not corrode the plumbing, machine parts,ventilation
   fan,aluminum framing,etc.

 6) Because the water temperature does not influence this system
   at all, neither evaporation nor a change in water quality
   occurs and the sterilization effects last longer‥

 7) As silver ions are 10 times more effective in sterlizing
   water than chloric is possible to use a smaller
   amount of them,thus saving on maintenance expenses.

 8) This equipment is simple to handle,operate,and maintain.