Company outline

T Company Name      SEIKEN CO.,LTD.
U Head Office       92-1,Enmenda-cho,Shimotoba,Fushimi-ku,
              Phone :81−75−622−2660
              FAX  :81−75−621−2252

V Founded         Jan, 1970
W Company President  Sadao Narita
X Capital         \16,000,000
Y Employees        30
Z Construction Permission NO. Kyoto Prefectural Permission(HAN-8)NO.581
[ Kind of Construction Pipe Construction Industry
(Class A)

What We Do At the Office

Total planning for the development of envrionmentally friendly public baths,
swimming pools,hot springs, water processing equipment, and water filtration equipment

Kinds of Products We sell

(1)SNF-TYPE automatic filtration machines(for public baths,swimming pools)

(2)Thermosaver System (Fully automatic control equipment for swimming pools
   and public baths.)

(3)Aquasaver System (Clean water filtration equipment)

(4)Ionizer (Silver Ion Sterilization Device)

(5)Monizer (Copper Ion Alga Prevention/Killing Device)
(6)We also sell vacuum operated boilers of all kinds designed and made by

Products We Design and Manufacture

(1)SNF-TYPE automatic filtration machines(for public baths and swimming pools)

(2)Thermosaver System (fully automatic control equipment for swimming pools  
   and public baths.)

(3)Jacuzzis,air bubble generators, temperature detection devices, and water
   level detection devices.

(4)Ionizer (Silver Ion Sterilization Device)

(5)Monizer (Copper Ion Alga Killing Device)

(6)Aquasaver System (Clean water filtration equipment)

Our Main Dealers

    Takuma Manufacturing
    Osaka Gas
    Takuma Sales
    Kyoto/Shiga National
    And many other users
The History of SEIKEN

  Our enterprise is established as part of the Narita business
  firm in the southern ward of kyoto.

  We move to Kita-shirohori, Nouso in Fushimi-ku of Kyoto city.

  We change our organization into a joint stock company. With
  the partnership of TAKUMA CO.,LTD., We begin to design,build
  and sell boilers,filtration machines,and air-conditioners.
  We especially begin to focus on the development of large
  scale automated public baths, heated swimming pools, and hot
  springs operated by inns,hotels,and health businesses.

  We establish a new company office building at 38-3,
  Nakajimagosho no uticho, Fushimi-ku,Kyoto-shi.
  We change our company name into "NARITA CO.,LTD."
  We bigin to sell VACOTIN HEATERS in the Kyoto-Shiga
  area for TAKUMA CO.,LTD.

  We develop THERMO SAVER and begin to develop,manufacture,
  and sell all types of SNF automatic filtration machines.

  We research and develop IONIZER
      (silver ion sterilization device).

  We change our company name from

  We begin selling IONIZER.

  We establish a new company office building at our
  present address.

  We study and develop MONIZER.
      (a copper ion alga killing device).

  We begin selling MONIZER.

At present we are researching, manufacturing,and selling
environmentally friendly and fully automatic SNF type
filtration machines such as THERMOSAVER, AQUASAVER,
IONIZER, and MONIZER. At the same time we are also selling
 various kinds of boilers made by TAKUMA CO., LTD.
For over 30 years, we have been striving to research and
develop better techniques to improve the water quality,labor
costs, and energy efficiency of heated baths and swimming pools
operated by businesses and the health industry. We are making
every effort to reach these goals in order to serve you and
the environment better.

Sincerely yours,

Sadao Narita

President of Seiken Co.,Ltd.