This water processing system is the starting point for Seiken's
 filtration technology.

 For the last 30 years, we have been searching for ways to insure
 the cleanliness and safety of well water, mountain water, pond
 water, river water, and hot springs. With Aquasaver we can turn
 these sources into clean, usable water accordance with city

System Composition

This water processing system eliminates iron and manganese.

1) Well water pump equipment
2) Chemical injection device
3) Sand removal device
4) Aeration equipment
5) Field water tank(pre-processing tank)
6) Backwater pump device
7) Iron removal device
8) Manganese removal device
9) Water processing tank
10) Well water processing automatic control equipment
11) Water supply pump equipment
12) Active carbon processing equipment
13) Waste drainage processing equipment(compression filtration

Special Features

 1) This is a streamlined system that corresponds to water

 2) This system attains a new water standard by eliminating iron        
    and manganese and processing the water at different stages    
    according to water quality.

 3) It has a substantially improved and more efficient field
    water tank(pre-treatment water tank).

 4) With this closed water processing system,you get a safe,
    stable, and hygienic water supply.

 5) All the water processing equipment is automatically
    controlled and does not require human hands.

 6) It's also possible to have telemeter(remote viewing monitor)
    and datalogue controls.

 7) It substantially reduces maintenance and management expenses.

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